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Macomb County in Michigan

While Michigan's Macomb County may not be the largest County in the state, it's certainly not the smallest. Home to almost one million citizens, Macomb County is part of the Detroit Metropolitan Area, and also what is known in Michigan as the tri-county area, consisting also of Wayne and Oakland Counties. The County seat, or the administrative center for the county, can be found in Mt. Clemens. Warren is the most populated city in the County and can be seen as Metro Detroit's largest Suburb.

When dealing with the court system in this County, we find a Circuit and District court as is the case in most other places. Macomb County's circuit court, located in Mt. Clemens hears all civil cases where there is more than $25,000.00 involved, felony cases, domestic relation cases, and some of the more serious misdemeanor cases. This court also has authority over appeals from district courts and is comprised of 12 judges.

Macomb County's District Court deals with issues such as resolving civil, criminal and traffic matters properly, implementing those mandates set forth by the legislature and the Michigan Supreme Court, and dealing with type of civil suit which deals with less than $25,000. District court judges are elected on non-partisan ballots for terms of six years. They are made to undergo the same requirements as Circuit Judges.

Cities and Towns in Macomb County:

Anchor Bay Gardens
Anchor Bay Harbor
Anchor Bay Shores
Broad Acres
Center Line
Chesterfield Shores
Clifton Mill
Mount Clemens
Mount Vernon
New Baltimore
New Haven
Point Lakeview
Preston Corners
Ray Center
Romeo Roseville
Saint Clair Haven
Saint Clair Shores
Sebille Manor
Sterling Heights
Wolcott Mills

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