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Kalamazoo County, MI

Kalamazoo County is certainly not in the running for largest County in the state of Michigan. Acting as home to approximately 238,000 citizens, this County covers a total of roughly 580 square miles. The county seat- or the administrative center- is located in Kalamazoo. This county makes up a portion of the Kalamazoo-Portage Metropolitan Area, through which both the Kalamazoo River and the Portage River travel through. With over 43 cities, towns, and townships Kalamazoo County is located in south western Michigan.

When dealing with the judicial system of Kalamazoo County, the presence of two court systems can be noted. The first of the two is the 8th District Court. This court has limited jurisdiction, and is able to hear cases dealing with civil law suits not exceeding $25,000, traffic infraction offenses, pass judgment on misdemeanor charges with a sentence not exceeding one year of jail time, and preliminary examinations when dealing with felony cases. This district court is split into three locations, with each location in charge of handling a specific type of case.

The second part to the County's judicial system can be found in the 9th Circuit Court. This Circuit court can be seen as a court of general jurisdiction within Kalamazoo County. This court deals with all felony matters, any civil suit where the amount is more than $25,000, domestic filings-Divorce, paternity, etc- and other things of that nature. Some of the separate divisions within the 9th Circuit Court include Friend of the Court, Family Division and Juvenile Division. Each division implements other programs internally and is responsible for dealing with a different type of case then compared to the previous division.

Cities and Towns in Kalamazoo County:

Adams Park
Cooks Mill
Doughertys Corners
East Comstock
East Cooper
Gardners Corners
Gull Lake
Highland Park
Lemon Park
Midland Park
Pavillion Center
Pomeroy Portage
Ramona Park
Richland Junction
South Gull Lake
Texas Corners

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