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Genesee County in Michigan

Genesee County Michigan is the fifth most populous county in Michigan, acting as home to roughly 428,000 citizens. The County's seat – or administrative center- can be found in Flint. Geographically speaking, most of the land in Genesee County is flat, although the southern end contains numerous lakes and the landscape can be deemed undulating. Tasks such as running jails, maintaining vital records, operations of major local court systems, and maintaining rural roads can all be viewed as tasks which must be followed through upon by the implemented county government.

The courts which are located within Genesee County include the 67th District court and the 7th Circuit Court. The 67th District court deals with both criminal and civil hearings, depending on the specific details associated with each case. Civil filings can fall into any of the following divisions: Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, Collecting Money, Court Filing Fees, Land Contract, General Civil, or Garnishment. Each area deals with a different type of case, allowing each division to concentrate on a specific yet generic area of jurisdiction. When dealing with criminal filings this district court has jurisdiction to issue arrest and search warrants, hold arraignments for felonies and/or misdemeanors, deal with bail specifications, and the ability to head up introductory assessments for felony offenses.

The 7th Circuit Court encompasses nine judges who preside over the county. Similarly to the District court, the Circuit Court has responsibility over a variety of different areas. Some of these include Friend of the Court, public defender program, financial services division, Court Services division and jury commission. Helping to oversee all of these areas is the Office of the Court Administrator. Duties include case-flow management, records management, personnel administration, and budgeting and fiscal management. Genesee County is governed mainly by these two court systems and a few other administrative agencies.

Cities and Towns in Genesee County:

Bayport Park
Brent Creek
Grand Blanc
Lake Fenton
Lapeer Heights
McGrew Junction
Mount Morris
Pine Run
Richfield Center
Swartz Creek
Thetford Center

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