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  • What You Need To Know Now

    An arrest is not a conviction. You may have only a limited time to contact certain courts or other agencies to ensure some of your rights are protected while you await your first court date. Your lawyer will request any reports and in-car video that will assist in your defense. Also, it’s important to contact a trusted attorney to understand the real-world outcomes you face and the very real opportunities you have to defend your case and safeguard your freedom. Life is not over! Contacting an experienced attorney will give you the peace of mind you need to go forward and successfully navigate your case.

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  • A Successful Defense

    A successful defense will hinge on the facts of your particular case and the lawyer who entrust to evaluate it. Only you can assess the experience and integrity of the attorney you hire. Calling several lawyers will give you a quick gauge on who you feel comfortable with and who allow to handle your matter. The Law Office of Joseph Awad has garnered a reputation for giving people very thorough, complimentary advice to give prospective clients the best possible overview of their case. Experience matters. At the firm, I utilize my 18 years of criminal law experience to ensure every client enjoys the benefit of the expertise I’ve gained and the courtroom experiences that have safeguarded my reputation as an honest and aggressive advocate for all clients.

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  • Biography

    Joseph Awad graduated with honors from Wayne State University with a BA in Honors Philosophy in 1996 and went on to graduate from Wayne State University Law School in 2000. Within one year, Attorney Awad was in the courtroom on an almost daily basis representing clients facing every form of criminal offense. Over the years, he has placed a heavy emphasis on DUI/OWI defense and other criminal matters involving the police. He has represented countless scores of Michigan clients facing criminal charges throughout the State of Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula. He has a verifiable record of case dismissals and successful jury trial outcomes. Over 18 years of OWI/criminal defense practice has seen trusted clients and referrals turn to him time and time again to deal with the sensitive of criminal legal matters.

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Joe, I want to thank you for the magic you performed in court the other day. I'm so happy I found you and will keep my promise...
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"Highly recommend"

I was arrested for drunk driving in Calhoun County while attending a wedding in Michigan. As a Boston resident, I had to rely on the...
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"worked together"

I tried getting my license back on my own got creamed by the Secretary of State. I decided to hire a lawyer for my next attempt. Attorney Awad...
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"always available"

Attorney Awad was always available during one of most difficult times of my life. Being arrested for drunk driving felt like everything I...
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Joseph F. Awad, Michigan DUI/OWI
& Criminal Defense Attorney

Taking 2 minutes of your valuable time by contacting us today could mean the difference between hefty fines and jail versus a successful defense.

Get a FREE evaluation of your Michigan DUI case. Completing this quick and completely confidential questionnaire will bring you instant access to an experienced DUI lawyer, ready and willing to provide you the best DUI and Legal Defense.

Even if this is the first time you have been charged in your life, you will quickly find that Mr. Joseph F. Awad Esq. has the experience and integrity to handle your case and help you put this event behind you.

By specializing in DWI/OWI/DUI or drunk driving defense, attorney Awad has the exclusive experience necessary with the diligence, persistence, expertise and legal dexterity to comfortably guide you through Michigan's DWI laws and defend your good reputation along the way.

Recent Case Results

  • Client was charged with drunk driving after erratic driving caught on police video and after failing all field sobriety tests. Once retained, Attorney Joseph Awad carefully reviewed all documents and noticed an illegal variance in the breath test results the client provided at the police station.... Read On

  • Client was arrested for his second drunk driving offense in a two year period. Officers had approached the client after he had exited his vehicle and was properly parked. Client hired Attorney Awad argued to the prosecutor and judge that the legally required “reasonable suspicion” needed to stop ... Read On

  • Client was observed by police driving erratically and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. Attorney Awad requested and received the in-car videotape of the incident as well as the videotape capturing his client's breath test at the police station. When reviewing the breathalyzer video, Attorney... Read On


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Your OWI/ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for drunk driving (OWI) or any criminal offense can be very scary; but bouncing back better than ever starts with finding the right attorney - a lawyer who understands you and the charge you're facing. Having handled countless cases across Michigan has earned me the reputation, expertise, and understanding to navigate your case the right way. As as solo practitioner, your case is my top priority. It will remain my top priority as I work every angle to accomplish our mutual goals of keeping your record clean, avoiding jail, and maintaining your driving privileges. Work and family are top priorities; everything I do for you is an extension of the many responsibilities you have and the people who rely on you. Call today for the peace of mind of consulting a legal expert best suited to keeping your life moving in the right direction.