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DUI & Military Officers

<h2>DUI Consequences for Military Officers Charged with Drunk Driving

If you are in the military and have been arrested for DUI, then the consequences you'll have to face for DUI conviction will be much different than those faced by civilians charged with DUI. The entire process of charging the offender and then taking the case to court will be different for a military officer than for a civilian and if you are in the armed forces, you need to understand some of the important differences.

When you are a military officer then apart from the State rules and regulations, the military rules and regulations also apply to you when you get arrested for DUI. Usually the legal limit of BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration as set by the State will be the same as that set by the military court but sometimes they may vary. Moreover, the legal limit for BAC set by military court will be lower than that set by the civilian court which is why, even if your BAC was lower according to State limit, it may be equal to or higher than the limit set by the military court because of which, you will be eligible to get charged with DUI.

Another important difference you need to understand between regular DUI and military DUI pertains to the procedure of military DUI cases. Most often, they will be dealt in a military court rather than in a civilian court and the rules and regulations set by the military court will apply to your DUI case. A DUI case dealt in the civilian court may move at slow pace and may stretch over months at a time but the DUI case dealt with in the military court will move much faster, so you will also have to act fast for your protection and defense.

The first thing you need to do in your defense is to get a professional DUI attorney but if you are a military officer, you cannot hire just any DUI attorney. You attorney should understand the military court and should be aware of military DUI law and you should seek such help as quickly as possible to keep up with the military court. As far as the DUI conviction is concerned, the penalties and consequences for both types of courts also differ.

While in the civilian court, a DUI conviction normally means fines, community service, jail, license revocation, DUI programs and other punishment as set by the court. In the military court, however, all the consequences will be decided by the court and will be unique to your DUI case; for instance, there is no maximum sentence and the court will determine its nature and length. Other punishments include the typical imprisonment, fines but also other punishments like a rank reduction, pay reduction, dishonorable discharge, and loss of security clearance and/or a formal reprimand for a military DUI.

A military DUI will also become a permanent part of your military record and it will definitely affect your career in the army. So, a military DUI, depending upon the circumstances, can be pretty much serious than a DUI for a civilian.Find the best DUI (Driving Under the Influence) lawyers or DUI attorney for your drunk driving defense.

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