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The following Case Reviews describe real outcomes of cases brought against clients in Michigan. If you have a case you would like an OWI attorney to review, contact Attorney Joseph Awad for a comprehensive and confidential review of your drunk driving case. Your legal matter will get the attention and respect it deserves by an attorney who has the proven ability to successfully defend your case. Call Attorney Joseph Awad now: (734) 507-1333.

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    Location: Farmington Hills, MICharge: 2nd offense OWIOutcome: Not Guilty Jury Verdict Client was arrested for an OWI, second offense. After doing a satisfactory job with field sobriety tests at the Officer's request, the client consented to a preliminary breath test and registered a .17 blood al... Read On


    Client was charged with drunk driving after being arrested with a .15 blood alcohol level. Attorney Joseph Awad requested and received the police report and videotapes of the incident that had been recorded by the police during the arrest process. In scrutinizing the contents of the tape, it was ... Read On


    Client was charged with drunk driving after erratic driving caught on police video and after failing all field sobriety tests. Once retained, Attorney Joseph Awad carefully reviewed all documents and noticed an illegal variance in the breath test results the client provided at the police station.... Read On


    Client was arrested for his second drunk driving offense in a two year period. Officers had approached the client after he had exited his vehicle and was properly parked. Client hired Attorney Awad argued to the prosecutor and judge that the legally required “reasonable suspicion” needed to stop ... Read On


    Client was observed by police driving erratically and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. Attorney Awad requested and received the in-car videotape of the incident as well as the videotape capturing his client's breath test at the police station. When reviewing the breathalyzer video, Attorney... Read On


    Client was charged with drunk driving after being observed swerving all over the road and failing all field sobriety tests. After viewing the videotape of the breathalyzer's administration, attorney Awad challenged the validity of the test based upon an inadequate observation period of the client... Read On


    In a breath test refusal hearing (Implied Consent hearing), the officer obtained a search warrant to draw the client's blood because he alleged the client refused to submit to the breath test that was offered. At the hearing, Attorney Awad determined that the officer who pulled over the client wa... Read On


    In a breath test refusal hearing (implied consent hearing), the police sought to take away the client's right to drive for a full year because of an alleged refusal to submit to the breath test. At the hearing, Attorney Awad thoroughly cross-examined the arresting officer who admitted that the se... Read On

  • Client with .13 blood alcohol level charged with OWI. Result: Not Guilty

    "Joe was amazing throughout my almost 6-month ordeal. He had a strategy from the very beginning and never wavered from it. He was extremely thorough and constantly kept an open line of communication from start to finish. After several preliminary hearings where Attorney Awad successfully improved... Read On

  • License Revocation in Plymouth, MI; Restricted License Granted

    "Joseph Awad provided me with excellent service. I was going in front of the D.L.A.D. to apply for a restricted driver's license after my 2nd DUI conviction. Mr. Awad was very reliable and detailed in preparing me for the hearing. ... Any questions I had he was able to provide me with the answers... Read On

  • OWI Case in Oakland County, MI. Result: Dismissed

    "When one is staring into the abyss of life, to lose family, livelihood, career over a DUI, the future reality of one's existence seems bleak. Then one is pulled from that abyss through the litigious determination of Joe Awad and the quality of life is restored. Attorney Awad over a lengthy court... Read On

  • OWI Charge Reduced to Careless Driving

    "Handling my own OWI would have guaranteed me a conviction, but Joseph Awad defended me in corners I never would have thought to look. My first phone call to him set the tone; he helped to gain perspective and move forward with my defense. I was initially offered a lesser charge of visually impai... Read On

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