Defending against OUIL & OWI Cases

Were you arrested for an OWI charge in Michigan? Contact Us Today. The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad knows how to fight and win when it comes to Michigan drunk driving arrests for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI).

Here are a few examples of cases we defended against for OWI Charges (MI residents & non-residents):

Defense Attorney Uses Aggressive Cross to Beat OWI

Client was charged with drunk driving after being arrested with a .15 blood alcohol level. OWI Attorney Joseph Awad requested and received the police report and videotapes of the incident that had been recorded by the police during the arrest process. In scrutinizing the contents of the tape, it was determined that the client had performed very well on all field sobriety test that the police officer asked him to perform. It was also determined that the roadside preliminary breath test had been administered improperly. After an aggressive cross examination and presentation of the video evidence in the case, the Michigan State Prosecutor offered to dismiss the drunk driving charge in exchange for a simple careless driving ticket. The client paid a mere $150 fine and never needed to return to court.

OWI Attorney Gets Drunk Driving Charge Dismissed

Client was asleep in his vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages the entire previous night. Michigan State troopers found him in his vehicle the next morning with the engine not running but nevertheless conducted an investigation and arrested the client for OWI (operating while intoxicated). After retaining the firm, OWI Attorney Awad prepared a legal brief citing the illegality of the stop and arrest. In particular, it was argued before the judge that no evidence of “operating” the vehicle had been presented, and further, that no evidence existed to show that the client had driven while under the influence. When the judge agreed with the OWI Attorney’s position, the drunk driving charge was dismissed.