Bullet-proof Glass at Detroit Police Substations

The Detroit Police have made little or no effort to protect police substations in the City of Detroit.

In almost every precinct, there is no bullet-proof separating the public from the police. These stations are open practically every hour of the day and night without any real regard for security, but for the police that work at these facilities.

It is purely good fortune that the gunmen‘s aim was off; he grazed the heads of two police officers with his shot and connected with the bullet-proof vest of another officer. If it were not for these fortunate coincidences, this story could have been more tragic that it already is. The Police Department in Detroit needs to do away with the notion that bullet-proof glass creates a barrier between the public and law enforcement and, instead, make safety is foremost concern. No one can account for the mental health or motive of every person that walks in to a police station and there is no need to try. Put up the bullet proof glass and provide yourselves and the public the assurance that those facilities that provide the services they are intended to provide. If you are in need of legal advice regarding the use or possession of concealed weapons or pistol licensure, contact Attorney Joseph Awad at legalwins.com for a free consultation.

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