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Joseph Awad

The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad is lead by Attorney and Counselor Awad himself. Attorney Jospeh F. Awad completed his undergraduate studies from Wayne State University, receiving a Philosophy Honors Bachelor's degree, cum laude. Upon completion, Joseph lived and worked in Washington D.C. and clerked for the Law Firm of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garret, & Dunner before entering Wayne State University Law School. While in law school, Joseph concentrated his efforts on trial advocacy and excelled as a member of Trial Advocacy Program.

In that capacity, Joseph earned top recognition as a National Team Member, and served with distinction in national trial competitions. Joseph also received honors for his achievements in the Appellate Moot Court Program, once again competing on the Wayne State Law School National Team. The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad is general practice law firm specializing in the areas of criminal defense, police misconduct, personal injury, constitutional law, driver's license restoration, drunk driving/DUI/OUIL/DWI defense, and general civil litigation.

Theory of Criminal Defense

The effort expended always affects the outcome of a case. To that end, The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad utilizes its vast resources to ensure every legal resource is implemented. Some firms retain clients only to concede the elements of the offense to the prosecution in hopes of securing a favorable sentence. At the Law Firm of Joseph F. Awad, the merits of a case are fully explored and exhausted prior to negotiations. Aggressive, resilient, and professional, Attorney Joseph F. Awad cares about clients. The Firm has a heightened sensitivity to the human element of a client's case. In that spirit, the Firm maintains the practice of rending professional service knowing that legal issues reach beyond the courtroom and into the households and occupations of their clients.

Every effort is made to ensure that a legal outcome complements a client's lifestyle. All elements of the drunk driving case are scrutinized to provide every advantage that Michigan's law provides to someone charged with operating while intoxicated. A strong legal representation is a keen awareness of the law as well as the personal affects that every client carries in a unique and important way.

Many elements go into this analysis with nothing overlooked: Did the officer stop your vehicle properly? If not, the law may prohibit the police from allowing key evidence against you to be used in court. Were the field sobriety tests performed according to standardized procedures and scored properly? Attorney Awad's experience over the years reveals that many times, clients do more to pass a test than fail it and are held to impossible standards by the police officer.

The breath tests provided, both on the road and at the station, provide a excellent attorney plenty of room for a strong defense: The many rules and regulations governing the administration of these tests are routinely broken by officers who cut corners and make presumptions that the law forbids. Call Attorney Joseph Awad for a complete and thorough analysis of these questions and others. The call is free and the advice is priceless: Like the Law Office of Joseph Awad, do everything you can to ensure your DUI defense is thorough and professional in every respect.
About Joseph F. Awad

A DUI charge in Michigan can be traumatizing. Attorney Joseph Awad's expertise in OWI and DUI defense is matched by a keen awareness of the emotional toll that good person feels when put in a bad position. Every care is taken to ensure your drunk driving case is handled with legal expertise, promptness and attention to every detail.

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    Joe, I want to thank you for the magic you performed in court the other day. I'm so happy I found you and will keep my promise to refer anyone who gets in trouble around here. Thanks again!!

Your OWI/ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for drunk driving (OWI) or any criminal offense can be very scary; but bouncing back better than ever starts with finding the right attorney - a lawyer who understands you and the charge you're facing. Having handled countless cases across Michigan has earned me the reputation, expertise, and understanding to navigate your case the right way. As as solo practitioner, your case is my top priority. It will remain my top priority as I work every angle to accomplish our mutual goals of keeping your record clean, avoiding jail, and maintaining your driving privileges. Work and family are top priorities; everything I do for you is an extension of the many responsibilities you have and the people who rely on you. Call today for the peace of mind of consulting a legal expert best suited to keeping your life moving in the right direction.