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A DWI or DUI is a serious offense that could carry long-term consequences if you are charged. The court’s final decision could have significant repercussions for your future, from fines and insurance rate increases, personal and professional consequences, the loss of driving privileges and even jail time.

In these legal situations, you need a strong defense attorney with a proven record of successfully representing clients facing drunk driving charges: you need the Law Office of Joseph F. Awad. As Michigan’s experienced drunk driving defense attorney, Joseph F. Awad provides unparalleled service for his clients, fighting to ensure their voice is heard.

The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our convenient hot line, offering free consultations so you understand your rights. Please be safe and don’t drink and drive, but should you find yourself facing DWI, DUI or OWI charges, call Joseph F. Awad for fair and just results.

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