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Posted by Joseph Awad | Oct 28, 2010 | 0 Comments

Everyone arrested for a Michigan DUI fears going to jail for drunk driving. Although jail can never be ruled out, it isn't usually imposed on a first offense, barring some notable
exceptions. The concern of jail time is more relevant on a second or subsequent DUI offense and can vary in length depending on the city of the arrest, the court, as well as the preferences of the assigned judge. In instances where jail becomes a reality, an attorney and/or defendant should always request “work release” from the judge. Work release, generally speaking, allows a person sentenced to jail to be released for work and to return to the jail after working. Documentation of employment is necessary for work release to be granted. The program lightens the burden of overcrowded jails and also allows people the ability to keep their jobs even as they pay their debt to society.

Overcrowding is a very real concern of local jails. Recently, the Oakland County Jail is rumored to have initiated a “Virtual Work Release” program. The jail has considered fitting all work-release inmates with an “alcohol tether” and releasing inmates back into society. The need to return to the jail is eliminated by the alcohol tether's ability to detect any alcohol consumption as well as the ability to track the whereabouts of its user. “Virtual work release,” when it becomes more widely available, will only be given to newly sentenced defendants and cannot be given at all to a person who is not granted work release to begin with. However, when jail is inevitable, the best way to serve a sentence without losing your job should be a top priority. For more information on your Michigan DUI case and the best strategy to avoid jail, contact Michigan drunk driving Attorney Joseph Awad for a free and confidential evaluation of your DUI/OWI case.

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