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OWI Defense Involving Video Tape

Videotaped evidence can be used to your advantage!

OWI charges involving video tapes and prosecution's videotaped evidence from which we have successfully defended (Michigan residents and non-residents):

Videotape Used to Prohibit Breath Test Results in OWI Case

Client was observed by police driving erratically and ultimately arrested for drunk driving. Attorney Awad requested and received the in-car videotape of the incident as well as the videotape capturing his client's breath test at the police station. When reviewing the breathalyzer video, Attorney Awad observed his client place something in her mouth and retrieve items from her purse. As the law required that nothing be placed in an individual's mouth prior to the test, Attorney Awad viewed the tape in court and cross examined the arresting officer regarding the improper administration of the breath test. The judge ultimately ruled in favor of the client and prohibited the use of the breath test results in the case. Faced with a major loss of evidence, the city attorney dismissed the drunk driving charge and amended the offense to a simple non-alcohol related traffic ticket.

OWI Lawyer Uses Videotape to Plead Down to Reckless Driving

Client was charged with drunk driving after being observed swerving all over the road and failing all field sobriety tests. After viewing the videotape of the breathalyzer's administration, attorney Awad challenged the validity of the test based upon an inadequate observation period of the client, as required by Michigan OWI law. The prosecutor dismissed the drunk driving offense and the client, in exchange, pleaded to reckless driving instead.

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