License Restoration Questions - Spare Time Activities

As you can imagine, the License Appeal Division (DLAD) wants to make certain that you drinking days are over. It may be presumed that before you decided to get serious about abstinence, you spare time was spent, in no small part, consuming alcohol. Therefore, it is important to show that your bad habits have been replaced by good habits. Idle time is a red flag to a hearing officer who wants to ensure that you have activities to fall back on when times get rough and the urge to drink returns. For example, perhaps you enjoy exercising or painting. Maybe you dive head first into books you cannot wait to finish. Find something you are passionate about and ensure the hearing officer that you make time to do things that further your well-being and your sobriety, simultaneously.

Obviously, part of living a productive lifestyle is the ability to defer to activities that further your well-being. Anything productive in your life is a tool you can use to defend yourself against the urge to consume alcohol. Conversely, idle time is a vice that can cause you to stumble in times of stress. Your day should be a well-balanced mix of work and productive play. If you embellish an activity that makes you happy, you should eagerly describe these activities to the hearing officer in a way that convinces him or her that.

Exhibits for DLAD

One client, who used to be an avid drinker, was also a very talented artist. The client brought in his exhibits and artwork to demonstrate his great talent. His artwork was detailed and attractive and assisted in showing the hearing officer that his spare time was being used to create great works of art, not in drinking. A picture (or other physical demonstration of talent) speaks volumes in showing that there are other ways to spend one’s free time. The artwork was so attractive and well presented that it was difficult not to believe that the client’s spare time was not well spent. If you have a similar talent that can be presented in physical form, bring it to the hearing to show the authenticity of the claim that you have greatly improved the way in which you spend your spare time.

Spend a good deal of time and thought on this question and be prepared to back up your response with a tangible example or exhibit that shows you earnestly pursue your interest when you are not caught up in the daily rigor of life.