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Occupational (DUI) Driver's License

License Restoration Questions - Occupational Licenses

I received an OWI/DUI. Are there any options I have for license restoration?

One sanction commonly utilized when dealing with an OWI/DUI conviction is receiving a suspension of one's license for a defined amount of time. It is important to realize that there are options to assist in the restricted restoration of one's license once convicted of an OWI/DUI. These licenses, sometimes referred to as Occupational Licenses, assist in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle by allowing the suspended party to travel to and from occupational commitments. If the qualifications for a restricted license are present, one may be issued for the majority of the suspension.

Who is responsible for issuing an Occupational License? Do I Qualify?

There are however a few things to keep in mind when looking at restricted licenses. First and foremost, it is important to realize that the courts play little role when dealing with the issuance of restricted licenses. Over the course of the last decade the State of Michigan has been displacing the responsibility of issuing these occupational licenses from the State Courts to The Secretary of State. Once the case is introduced to the Court system, the pending conviction information is then sent to the Dept. of Secretary Of State. Once the conviction reaches this level the individual's prior driving record is taken in to consideration. While reviewing the driver's records, only alcohol related incidents will be taken into consideration. In other words, speeding tickets and other things of that nature will have no direct effect on whether or not an Occupational License is issued. Within one month's time, a depiction of sanctions is usually delivered to the applicant via mail.

Additional Legal Information regarding Occupational Driver's License

Another aspect to take into consideration when dealing with Occupational Licenses is that there are no individual driver sanctions. The sanctions implemented are much broader. In other words, regardless as to your actual occupation, sanctions/restrictions will remain constant from occupation to occupation.

What are the actual allowances while operating under an Occupational License?

While operating under an Occupational License there are certain restrictions. However the purpose of this license is to allow an individual to:

Travel to and from their individual place of employment

Travel to and from any type of court issued rehabilitation program

I.e. Drug Classes / DUI driving courses, probationary hearings, etc

Travel to any type of Medical Institution where either the individual or a member of the immediate family receives regular treatment.

Travel to any type of educational institution where the individual is enrolled
**It is imperative to remember that the Occupational License holder must retain a copy of the license at all times during travel. This is to help assist law enforcement officials verify that all sanctions are being honored. The Occupational License will arrive in the form of a paper license and will contain a set of dates – the duration of which the restrictions will be enforced.

How do I go about getting my regular license reinstated?

Once the termination date printed on the front of the Occupational License arrives, an individual can then go and have their original license reinstated. Assuming there are no problems with your license – i.e. fines, unpaid obligations, etc. – the individual is able to pay the reinstatement fee and then obtain a regular plastic photo license

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