License Restoration Questions - Alcohol Consumption

When did you last consume alcohol?

If this question is posed, be prepared to provide an honest answer. Your answer must be given in confidence, with the full understanding that the hearing officer will evaluate your submitted documents to determine if your rehabilitative efforts correspond, in time, with the critical time in your life when you claim you eliminated the use of alcohol. Responses that suggest that your last drink was the precise moment you were last arrested for drunk driving will not seem credible.

Do not be frightened into not offering up the truth: while the truth may be unpleasant, the unpleasant thought of not driving for an additional year should far surpass your reluctance to tell the truth. It is not necessary to have abstained from alcohol since your drunk driving arrest. In fact, unless it’s true, any claim that you have completely abstained since your last arrest will be viewed with a great deal of skepticism. Instead, you should think long and hard about the answer to this critical question. Clearly, any suggestion that you consumed the slightest amount of alcohol with one year from the hearing will likely convince the hearing officer that your drinking is not under control. After all, how can anyone claim living a sober lifestyle when they drink “in moderation” on the one hand, and attend AA meetings, on the other hand. If this is truly the case, you are living a contradiction and your decision to do so will destroy your chances of driving anytime in the near future. Experienced and aggressive Michigan drunk driving lawyer Joseph Awad can walk you through your license restoration process; let his expertise go to work for you. Call now at (734) 507-1333.

Your answer can post-date your last arrest. However, at some point between your last arrest and your license hearing, you must come to the firmest conclusion that your drinking is behind you forever. The hearing officer must be convinced that your drinking is under control and, further, that your efforts since that critical decision to stop drinking play a major role in ensuring that you can keep this weighty promise to yourself, the hearing officer, and the driving public at large. An individual committed to sobriety is keenly aware that success is measured on a moment- to- moment basis. Hence, knowing when you consumed your last drink shows the hearing officer a dedication to maintaining a sober lifestyle and a careful measure, on your part, of your progress made toward sobriety. If you maintain the attitude that sobriety is a day–to-day process, you will be very aware of how many days or weeks or months your efforts have produced in living alcohol-free. Call OWI lawyer Joseph Awad for additional information and assistance at (734) 507-1333. Phones are open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.