Michigan DUI: Visiting the Scene of your Arrest

One of the most important things your Michigan DUI attorney can do to help with your case is visit the location where you were arrested for DUI. The terrain where your field sobriety tests were given can reveal a lot of information about your performance on the tests themselves. It can also demonstrate the general conditions that you and the officer faced before and during your arrest. Factors such as sufficient lighting, ground conditions, speed limits, and other elements will give your Michigan DUI case an added advantage when your lawyer examines the truthfulness or dishonesty in the officer’s police report. Any inconsistencies between the police report and the actual scene of your arrest can help your attorney flush out errors made by the officer when you were arrested. Any variation has the potential of assisting in the defense of your OWI/DUI case. Visit the firm’s web page to see how Michigan DUI attorney Joseph Awad can help you with your Michigan DUI/OWI case today.

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