Detroit Reacts to Latest Census Numbers

The latest census numbers are in for Detroit and they’re not good–but the response is. The mayor of Detroit Dave Bing has pledged to fight the numbers. The census reported that Detroit’s population had shrunk 25%, down to 713,777. But Detroit suffered from similar low numbers in 2000, prompted the city to challenge the count and 50,000 more residents were added. Bing foresees similar results in 2010. He claims censuses do a poor job of accounting for citizens in urban locations such as Detroit. At stake in the census count is the amount of funds Detroit is slated to receive from the government, at a tune of $10,000 per person.

But the fact of the matter is that Detroit’s population is down and the great city is taking steps to buck the trend. To combat this Bing has started the “Detroit Works Project.” The goal of the project is to reshape the city by removing blighted homes and attract more residents into recovering neighborhoods.

To help with this Bank of America officials have pledged to donate 10 refurbished vacant homes for police officers who move to the city, while also demolishing 100 abandoned homes. Times are difficult in Detroit and it will take a lot of work to get the city back on track. But as long as people, businesses and government continue to work together things will get better.

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