Examining Your Driving Patterns for a DUI Case

Far too many people are pulled over for the silliest reasons, very few of which can be attributed to drunk driving. For example, if you are reaching for your cell phone or fiddling with the radio, you may have caused your vehicle to veer to one side. This does not mean that you are drunk. It certainly does not mean that your driving was affected by your drinking.

Other Non-Alcohol Related Reasons For Your Driving Patterns Will Greatly Assist Your DUI Case
If the officer is going to claim that your driving showed signs of your intoxication, an alternate explanation for your driving will come in very handy in demonstrating that the officer’s presumptions about your driving are wrong.

It is important to aggressively defend yourself against the basis for stopping you, since an illegal stop of your vehicle often times means a dismissal of your case, since no evidence obtained against you on the basis of an illegal stop can be used against you in court.

Your attorney for your DUI case must look for any and all reasons to challenge the reason the officer stopped you. Doing so will open up many legal opportunities for you in court.

If you have been charged with drunk driving, you need an attorney with the right breathalyzer knowledge! Don’t feel bad for what happened, discover what you can do about it.