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  • License Revocation in Plymouth, MI; Restricted License Granted

    "Joseph Awad provided me with excellent service. I was going in front of the D.L.A.D. to apply for a restricted driver's license after my 2nd DUI conviction. Mr. Awad was very reliable and detailed in preparing me for the hearing. ... Any questions I had he was able to provide me with the answers I needed and promptly returned my phone calls. In the end I was granted my restricted license and Mr. Awad was of great assistance through the whole process. I also had a situation where I locked my keys in my car when it was running and had my license revoked. ... Mr. Awad was on vacation and returned my phone call while on his leisure time. ... Mr. Awad prepared me for that process as well and again he helped me to prove that I am responsible enough to safely operate a vehicle. I would recommend him to others in the future." - RB, Plymouth, MI

  • OWI Case in Oakland County, MI. Result: Dismissed

    "When one is staring into the abyss of life, to lose family, livelihood, career over a DUI, the future reality of one's existence seems bleak. Then one is pulled from that abyss through the litigious determination of Joe Awad and the quality of life is restored. Attorney Awad over a lengthy court period did the impossible, he had a DUI reduced to an OWI arrangement but prior to signing the prosecutor's offer, Attorney Awad and I decided to plead a point of law. This is where Joe Awad is a litigator extraordinaire, he presented the legality of the BAC test to the judge. The judge was intrigued by this point of law and the prosecutor agreed with the finding. The court ruled the evidence invalid and dismissed the case. The result was a traffic fine. My family and especially myself have much to thank him for his due diligence in handling this case. Well done, sir!" - P.H.

  • OWI Charge Reduced to Careless Driving

    "Handling my own OWI would have guaranteed me a conviction, but Joseph Awad defended me in corners I never would have thought to look. My first phone call to him set the tone; he helped to gain perspective and move forward with my defense. I was initially offered a lesser charge of visually impaired driving, which was still financially, legally and personally onerous to accept. Attorney Awad was crucial in helping me understand all my options and outcomes, not just the one offered to me. On my own, I would've accepted this lesser charge as well, but on Attorney Awad's advice--honest and impartially given-- I pursued a further reduction of charges. Attorney Awad was spot on. He successfully argued for reducing my OWI to careless driving, a harmless traffic offense." - NS, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Client with .13 blood alcohol level charged with OWI. Result: Not Guilty

    "Joe was amazing throughout my almost 6-month ordeal. He had a strategy from the very beginning and never wavered from it. He was extremely thorough and constantly kept an open line of communication from start to finish. After several preliminary hearings where Attorney Awad successfully improved my defense, the case went to trial. Attorney Awad was more than prepared with our defense and how the prosecution would attempt to try the case, very detailed and kept me thinking positive the entire time. The jury returned with a NOT GUILTY verdict. I highly recommend Attorney Awad for your case. You won't regret the decision!" - L.W.

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Attorney Joseph F. Awad Michigan DWI/OWI/DUI Defense

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Even if this is the first time you have been charged in your life, you will quickly find that Mr. Joseph F. Awad Esq. has the experience and integrity to handle your case and help you put this event behind you.

By specializing in DWI/OWI/DUI or drunk driving defense, attorney Awad has the exclusive experience necessary with the diligence, persistence, expertise and legal dexterity to comfortably guide you through Michigan's DWI laws and defend your good reputation along the way.

Criminal Defense cases we handle all across Michigan include:

Criminal Law Criminal Law

Protect yourself and your loved ones from overzealous police and prosecutors. The Law Office of Joseph Awad knows the law and will use the Constitution to ensure your freedom is preserved, your rights are exercised, and your life moves forward without interruption.
Expungement Expungement

Clear your record quickly and quietly to improve your job prospects and earning capacity. Attorney Joseph Awad is an expert in clearing your conviction record and has helped scores of individuals throughout the State of Michigan and across the country clear their Michigan criminal record.
Reckless Driving Reckless Driving

There is a mandatory 90 day suspension of driving privileges and a 6 point consequence for reckless driving. Call the Law Office of Joseph Awad today for the most effective way to protect your ability to drive and keep your record clean.

Drunk driving in Michigan carries some of the stiffest penalties in the Country. Avoid jail and maintain your ability to drive by carefully reviewing your case for opportunities. Attorney Joseph Awad specializes in drunk driving and will examine every aspect of your case personally to ensure you receive every legal advantage you deserve.
Drunk Driving Drunk Driving in Michigan

Don't let a DUI arrest weigh you down. There are options and opportunities in every OWI/DUI arrest that can give you leverage in court. Attorney Joseph Awad knows Michigan DUI defense and has helped countless individuals avoid conviction, jail, license sanctions, and other costly penalties. Call now for a confidential and free evaluation of your situation and for quick assistance.
Traffic Violations Michigan Traffic Violations

Let the Law Office of Joseph Awad assist you in your efforts to keep points off your record. The firm has helped scores of individuals keep points off their record while avoiding the confusion of court procedure. Avoid fees and fines by seeking professional legal counsel in all area District Courts with an experienced and skilled attorney. Call today.
Felonies Misdemeanors Felonies & Misdemeanors

The Law Office of Joseph Awad handles misdemeanor and felony cases in all District and Circuit courts throughout the State of Michigan. Every detail of your case will be reviewed and weighed to ensure you receive the most comprehensive and effective legal representation available. Protect yourself from the risk of jail and other penalties by hiring the right attorney. Joseph Awad is ready to personally take your call today to discuss the many options you have.
Drivers License Restoration Michigan Drivers License Restoration

The Law Office of Joseph F. Awad knows how to assist the state in determining you are safe to drive following a Michigan DUI.

You can enjoy the success that others have enjoyed by hiring the Law Office of Joseph Awad

The law, combined with a good lawyer, can provide just the recipe for success for your DUI - even when your outcome looks bleak. Never surrender or presume the worst.

We have designed our website to be helpful. The information, success stories and legal arguments are just some of the many positions the firm has presented to successfully beat DUI charges in the past.

Like you, previous clients who once despaired found success and second chances with the dedication and professionalism that these legal arguments represent.

The stories and examples will sound very similar to the facts you face; if you hire the firm, you can know that the same devotion and attention to detail that rescued previous clients will be at work for you, as well. A good criminal defense attorney who knows the law inside and out, manage an appropriate disposition for your case and can provide you the legal leverage you need to protect your future.

While the names and locations of the examples given on LegalWins.com have been omitted, the clients whose lives have been positively affected by the firm's talent continue to express their gratitude for being given a "second chance."

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