License Restoration Questions - Drug Use

What questions will I face at a license restoration hearing?

The hearing officer may question whether or not you ever used drugs. Once again, a knee-jerk response here could be fatal. You must continually keep in mind that angelic behavior is not a prerequisite you securing a license. Instead, this question is meant to measure whether or not you are being truthful, and whether you have made the consistent choice of abstaining from substances that interfere with a clean lifestyle. The use of drugs, in the distant past, may still successfully imply that, at one point in your life, substance abuse was very normal; yet, for a very long time, you have resolved to focus on more constructive elements since that dark time in your life. This sort of measured progress is the type of evidence the hearing officer relies upon in evaluating whether or not you have truly learned from the woes of your past and can maintain a sober lifestyle.

The key to these questions, and others like these questions, is remembering that a hearing officer is not searching for a perfect past. Of course, if perfection were the standard, no one convicted of an alcohol offense would ever be eligible to legally drive again. Instead, a series of decisions that demonstrate both your mistakes and the lessons you have learned demonstrate to the secretary of state that your experiences have helped you to decide, once and for all, that a sober lifestyle is the only option you will ever exercise. Some of the best lessons learned are the lessons that cause the most hardship; it will therefore not harm your efforts to secure a license if, in explaining the lessons you have learned, you candidly and briefly explain the shortcoming of the past. Remember, honesty is always the key.

The responses to these questions, and many others, will play a large role in determining if you get your license back. The hearing officers are experts at creating pitfalls for you. Do not appear at a license restoration hearing alone! Attorney Joseph Awad has successfully represented countless clients seeking to regain their license. The process is tricky and prone to many mistakes to a person unfamiliar with the process. Call Attorney Joseph Awad right now at (734) 507-1333 and take the first smart step to getting back on the road.