Repeat Drunk Driving Arrest & offense for DWI/DUI

A 2nd arrest for drunk driving can seem devastating. No one ever thinks they’ll be in the same position they swore they would never find themselves in again. The best strategy, psychologically, is to remember that everyone makes mistakes – even the same ones. An experienced Michigan DUI lawyer can navigate the additional dangers that accompany a repeat offense and guide you through the process in the very best manner available.

You need to know a few things to know about a repeat offense: Depending on your overall record and the dates of any previous OWI convictions, a repeat offense may subject you to what the law calls a “mandatory minimum” jail term. On a 2nd Michigan DUI conviction within 7 years of a first conviction, the statutory jail minimum is 5 days. Also, if convicted a second time, the Secretary of State is required to revoke your driver license for no less than one year. No hardships, jobs, school obligations, or other responsibilities will stop them from taking your license if convicted a second or subsequent time. The best preventive measure you can hope to use is the expertise of a qualified drunk driving lawyer. Call Attorney Joseph Awad and learn how your situation can be properly handled with your concerns in mind. Only the highest professionalism and experience should be used to defend your Michigan drunk driving case. The firm is dedicated, determined, and ready to use every available remedy within its disposal to fight your case, protect your freedom, and restore your peace of mind.

Repeat Offense for Michigan DWI – 2 Prong Approach

A general two – prong approach should be used to view a repeat drunk driving offense. First and foremost, your Attorney should request a copy of any in-car arrest video that may accompany your case. Viewing a tape of your arrest will assist the firm in determining if the police officer followed the law when you were arrested. For example, the field sobriety tests can be properly observed and measured, the demeanor of the officer can be assessed, your personal appearance and speech can be analyzed, and the preliminary breath test procedure can be scrutinized for mistakes, when apparent. Also, a video that captures your booking and breathalyzer (datamaster) test at the station will allow your Michigan DUI lawyer to assess if the proper procedure was used when that test was provided. Always remember that if the rules that relate to your arrest were compromised or broken, an OWI attorney should utilize those mistakes to use as much leverage as is available to influence the outcome of your DUI case. While these things, and more, matter a great deal in any drunk driving case, their importance cannot be understated when dealing with a second or subsequent drunk driving offense.

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The second prong of a two-prong strategy to protect your rights has to do with a serious assessment about the need for alcohol intervention and counseling. If you feel it’s proper, consistent and documented attendance at counseling sessions, AA meetings and the like will provide a buffer between the Court’s notion of what they consider reckless repeat behavior and your view that even responsible and professional people can make uncharacteristic decisions. Call now for a continued discussion of what 2nd DUI defense in Michigan means to your particular circumstances. Attorney Joseph Awad will take your call personally and provide you the time and understanding you need at a time you really need it. Call now at (734) 507-1333. You will be very glad you did.