Troy, Michigan Passes Restrictions on Distracted Drivers

If you’re driving in Troy, Michigan, then you better pay attention. The city recently passed one of the most stringent distracted driving ordinances in the nation. Text messaging and talking on cell phones while driving is illegal, but that’s old news – the new law aims to curb any activity that may take a driver’s attention from the road.
Now, a Troy driver can catch a ticket for drinking coffee, coddling pets, smoking, or tending to children in the back seat. We have serious questions as to the enforceability of a law like this, not to mention whether denying coffee to drivers may not ultimately prove worse for public safety than letting them nurse those mugs, but for the time being, it’s a good idea to avoid engaging in any activities that may catch the bright eyes of Troy police. For more on this Michigan distracted driving law, check out our blog.

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