The ATPA’s List of Most Stolen Vehicles in Michigan

The Automobile Theft Prevention Authority, or the ATPA, is a association that assesses and analyzes car theft in order to prevent it. They establish plans for financial support to combat car thefts and grants for theft prevention teams. By their own accounts they’ve helped significantly reduce vehicle theft in Michigan. The Michigan chapter also compiles a list of Michigan’s most stolen vehicles. Here are the top three from 2010.

2000 Dodge truck
1998 Dodge truck
1999 Dodge truck

See the pattern? And car thieves’ favorite colors are black, white and blue. Knowing whether or not you’re at risk can help you prevent potential theft of property. You can view the entire list here and find out more interesting facts, like what day of the week thieves prefer to steal their cars.

And whenever you venture out on the road, we advise drivers never to drive impaired but if you should need an expert Michigan OWI attorney, call immediately.

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