Pulled Over? Here is How to Handle It

What is the correct way to handle a traffic stop? We are certain that many drivers wished they had had this article to read before their own traffic stop.

No matter who you are or what kind of driver you consider yourself to be, traffic stops are always stressful and for many, quite frightening.

One of the main fear-inducing issues is caused by the fact that you may not always know why you are being stopped, and this mystery causes many drivers to say and do things that make this type of incident even worse than it needs to be.

Before we tell you the best way to act if you’re pulled over, let us tell you exactly what to do:

Pull over and turn off your car.
Turn on the inside dome light in your vehicle so the police officer can see you, and see inside of the car.
Roll your window down at least ¼ of the way.
Rest your hands on the steering wheel.

Don’t Be Surprised If It’s You

Too many drivers are on the road feeling as if they will never be the ones on the side of the road with the red flashing light behind them. You are probably wrong about this fact. Every driver in a lifetime of driving will get pulled over at least once. Being aware of this fact takes the edge off when it’s your turn, and you won’t come off with an unnecessary attitude.

Don’t Treat the Police Like Your Friend

A policeman pulling you over on the road is not your friend. He or she is pulling you over to determine if your violation is solved by a warning, a ticket, or arrest. Be professional and answer their questions. It wouldn’t be wise to try and start a casual conversation.

Be Courteous and Polite

Show the cop your best side and your most professional personality.

If you feel you are being asked to do something unlawful, verbally refuse and resist. Never physically resist as this will cause the need for an arrest. If you are arrested, do not resist. An arrest will not be devastating unless you are convicted. You are not in trouble simply because you are arrested.

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