Identifying Ways to Strengthen Your DUI Case

At a license restoration hearing yesterday, I was representing my out of State client in petitioning the State of Michigan to release his Michigan “hold” for multiple drunk driving convictions; a clearance in Michigan would then allow him to obtain driving privileges in his home state. There were a couple interesting observations by way of the hearing officer at the Driver License Appeal Division.

First, it seemed relevant that my client’s most recent OWI offense was 6 years ago. The time elapsed since our request for a license seemed to have some bearing on the merit of our claim. The hearing officer is able to see if the client was caught illegally driving in recent years by viewing a driving record. No subsequent arrests or driving infractions helped show the State of Michigan that the client is not currently a threat on the road and has been complying with the order to not operate a motor vehicle.

It was also nice to see that the hearing officer did not place too great an emphasis on the fact that my client had only recently been attending AA meetings upon my advice. Attending and documenting AA attendance is very helpful in establishing a support group presence in the client’s life. When I learned the client had not gone in years, I advised him to begin attending AA immediately and document his attendance in writing. Rather than bulking at any last minute attempt to curry favor with the State by attending last minute AA, the hearing officer seemed to take the position that some meetings were better than none. A refreshing breath of fresh air from a government agency all too willing and able to deny one’s ability to drive. AA meetings and candid testimony go a long way in proving sobriety and demonstrating an earnestness to remain sober. These are only a couple factors that weigh in on the State’s mind when considering a petition to reinstating a Michigan driver license.

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