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Getting Your License Back: Covering Your Bases

Multiple drunk driving convictions will eventually land an individual before the Secretary of State for a license restoration. Yet, there are so many small hangups that can catch up with you at a license hearing that can keep you off the road for a very, very, long time. Consider the following nuance: To petition the… Read more »

Identifying Ways to Strengthen Your DUI Case

At a license restoration hearing yesterday, I was representing my out of State client in petitioning the State of Michigan to release his Michigan “hold” for multiple drunk driving convictions; a clearance in Michigan would then allow him to obtain driving privileges in his home state. There were a couple interesting observations by way of… Read more »


It used to be that a police officer was required to witness someone actually operate a vehicle before that person could be arrested for drunk driving. For example, someone asleep in a motionless car who was consuming alcohol did not necessarily provide the officer enough basis for a drunk driving arrest. However, in 1995, the… Read more »


It’s no surprise that a police officer typically writes a DUI police report in a way that supports his decision to arrest you. It should also come as no surprise, then, that many police reports contain exaggerated facts and false information about your DUI arrest. Obtaining the officer’s in-car video and booking video of your… Read more »

How to avoid bankruptcy

The first and most important fact about bankruptcy is that it should constitute the ultimate solution whenever you are in financial difficulties. When you are struggling with huge debts, even if you think it is impossible to get out of them, you must try several solutions before opting for the final decision of bankruptcy. If… Read more »

Interlock Ignition Devices – An Alternative Sentence for Drunk Drivers

Today, drunk driving can certainly be considered an ever increasing problem within American society. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2008 an estimated 11,773 people were killed in instances where someone involved was driving while intoxicated. In order to be deemed as driving while intoxicated, the driver’s blood alcohol content, or BAC,… Read more »